Roman Sieler

I am a Medical Anthropologist interested in Siddha medicine. I have a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology on South Indian medicine at the South Asia Institute of the University of Heidelberg (2011). My doctoral thesis (published in 2015 by Oxford University Press under the title “Lethal Spots – Vital Secrets: Medicine and Martial Arts in South India”) is an investigation into the secrecy and transmission of varmakkalai, a manual healing and martial arts tradition in southern Tamil Nadu. My current research interests include Siddha medicine and South Indian variants of Unani medicine, the use of resources and substances in them, and the transmission and practices of non-institutionalized forms of health care in India from ethnographic and ethnohistorical perspectives. Currently, I am a full-time postdoctoral researcher and part of a collaborative research centre at Tuebingen University.

For more information on my research, see my Research and Scholarship page.